Our fees are as follows:-

£18 per hour (standard rate) for weekdays

£25 per hour (higher rate) for weekends and bank holidays

Mileage will be charged at the rate of 45p per mile (in accordance with HMRC).

Any expenses incurred by the Provider will be refunded so far as these are agreed between the Customer and Provider in advance. If the Provider wishes to claim back any other amounts paid out, that are directly as a result of the work agreed in this contract, then they will detail these in the invoice and provide receipts to evidence this spending.


If the provider collects any shopping for the client, the client must supply the provider with cash before the provider does the shopping.  Receipts/change will be given on delivery of the shopping.

Payment of invoices must be paid within seven days of the work carried out.  Payment options are:-



Bank Transfer

Receipts will be supplied for all work.